History: Primesoft was started in 1982 by Tony Lissaman. Initially it existed as a purely Software Development Company, developing financial software for the agricultural market. A company was formed in 1985 to market the products that had been developed and to service clients throughout New Zealand with Information Technology expertise. The company was operated by Tony until his death in 1993.
Primesoft was taken over by the existing owner, Greg Stevenson and has been servicing the existing client base ever since.
Now and in the Future: Primesoft provides Software support and development for the BMS Software New Zealand wide, as well as General IT services primarily in the Auckland region. Primesoft formed a Company called ServeIT with a partner, to develop products and services suitable for companies running five to fifteen computers. This has expanded the variety and complexity of products and services Primesoft can supply to it’s clients. At present, ServeIT operates as a purely research and development company innovating with exiting software to produce useful inexpensive solutions. All products and services arising out of ServeIT are currently distributed solely through Primesoft.

Through the resources of ServeIT, Primesoft is now able to develop new Internet based Software applications and Host them on Client’s behalf. This type of software development Primesoft will expand in the future and may indeed incorporate the BMS to handle financial side of e-commerce sites in times to come.